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Don't be surprised if you see products in our online store that are offered by major companies worldwide.

In a few cases for your convenience we sell items not manufactured by us, but only if they are known and proven to be acceptable to our customers. In the motion picture and laboratory business there is no place for poor quality or second grade materials.

If you find prices lower than what you see here; compare value. If we are not competitive on any product, let us know so we can earn your business.
We offer many discounts for volume orders, to students and non profit organizations.

Please check back often for specials and new products daily. This online store is new but we have been in business for many years, supplying major dealers, film studios, motion picture laboratories, and movie theaters worldwide.

If you are involved in motion picture post production, we offer many key items, such as 16mm full coat, 35mm full coat and stripe.

Our line of editorial leader and splicing tape is vast as well as our complete line of laboratory leader and special tapes which are chemically resistant.
Theaters use our countdown, frame line and academy leader, all made of mylar polyester for long life and proven results.
Whether you are looking for recording tape, processing leader, perforated splicing tapes, projection leader, or any film related product then contact us.

We make custom products, and we will research a product for you at no charge. If we can't make it, we may be able to point you in the right direction.

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